Not everyone can understand all languages including the German language. What about the German music? Even if the lyrics of a song is written or sang in a different language, the most important thing is how the song is expressed. The melody and rhythm of each song may be quite different because of its genre. But, it can be understood because of the genre of the song. The only difference is the language used. Through this article, there are few of the famous German songs to be mentioned.

The song “Du” by Peter Maffay is actually a beautiful song though not all of us can understand. The melody of this song sounds good though it is an old song. “Tausendmal Du” sang by Munchener Freiheit is another German song you will surely love to listen though it is in a different language. It is an old song yet still popular until now. Even the old song “Rote Rosen” by Freddy Breck has a wonderful melody that can attract all listeners. This great company serves your home the best and comfortable cleanliness.  Home Clean company is ever our parents always look for. They serve our home so good and maintain a clean surroundings always.

Another famous old German song of all time is “Ein Bisschen Frieden” by Nicole. The melody of the song plus the beautiful vocals of the singer makes a song great. For a rock song, “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco will make every listener dance with the beat. “Santa Maria” by Roland Kaiser, “Immer Wieder Sonntags” by Cindy and Bert, “99 Luftballons” by Nena, “Madchen” by Lucilectrica, and “Warum” by Tic Tac Toe are all famous German songs of all time. Look this site info about this air conditioning company from here 冷氣清洗. The singers mentioned have best home too and are handsome and beautiful.