The country of Germany is known throughout the world especially because of its relation to the past history. As you know, this nation became more popular because of the World War II history. And also, it is popular for its celebration of Oktoberfest. For tourists who enjoy knowing and learning about the history of another nation, they should visit Germany. Castles can be found in the country which invites tourists because of its surrounding scenery as well as the castle itself. Leipzig too is popular.

In fact, it is known as one of the best places to visit in Germany. This place have  a lot of things to offer you. If you want to see the view of an island in another country, visit the Rugen Island which is known as the largest island in Germany. The Romantic Rhine too is one of the best places to visit and is ideal for couples. Cologne too is a beautiful place to visit. Experience the beauty of this place by visiting it. Also great designs of bridal are here also. This travel agency  is popular in this place info from here Many people visit this bridal and shop for their new clothes.

Have you ever heard of a place which was named to be a jewelry box? Well Dresden is a place where every tourist should experience the wonderful things to do in Germany. There are many historic sites in this place too and stunning architectural buildings. Another place to visit is Lubeck. If you want to see Medieval architecture, this place is where you have to go. Germany is a country that preserves its history to let their fellow countrymen and even tourists know their past history.