In music, there are songs which listeners might have the difficulty on how to distinguish hard rock from heavy metal. Both of these music fall into the category of rock music. However, there is a difference between the hard rock and the heavy metal. In the video provided below, it will help you distinguish which one is hard rock and which one of heavy metal. Some may think that it is not important to know the difference. But actually, it is better if you know the difference.

The Back in Black by AC/DC is a song played by an electric guitar. If you carefully listen to it, you can know how it is different from that of a heavy metal. Compare it by listening to the song Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. The rhythm and beat of the song is faster and heavier. Another hard rock song is the Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple and the opposite of this song which is a heavy metal is the Paranoid by the Black Sabbath. This is a secret beauty company for you to try out. Open this resources 醫美診所 千煌 to know more about this beauty company. This is best in making a good surgery ever.

Hard rock music is actually lively. But Heavy metal is much more lively. If you have been to a concert of a famous rock band, you can know the difference. The rock song Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin is another hard rock song while The Trooper is a heavy metal by Iron Maiden. Living after Midnight by Judas Priest is also a hard rock song and the song Electric Eye by the same artist is a heavy metal song.