One of the biggest events that they are celebrating here in Germany is the Oktoberfest. It has become a culture and all know that it is a day that you can drink beers as you want it. Ther are already many people, locals, and many travelers, that attend the Oktoberfest. The good things are that they welcome everyone. Be sure to know your limit though before going their so that you could handle yourself and not be embarrassed and appear in someone’s video being so drunk.

You have watched the video and you can know some of the tips that are given. One is that know the dates so you could also include some travel to other places and not just the Oktoberfest if you cannot go their again and travel. Germany is not just about the beer. Another tip that is given is that you should reserve in advance your tent and the place that you will sty as it will get crowded and you may find yourself drunk and nowhere to rest.

It is true in the video that Oktoberfest is not just for those who want to get drunk as there are many things you can do there as already describe in the video. There are near places that you can visit and if you have a specific place to visit, check all the details before raveleigng to see the distance, tim and how to get there. Traveling prepared is a big thing that must be done especially if your on a budget.