Each country have its own famous songs. In Germany too, there are actually many popular songs including pop songs. Music listeners and those who have their own favorite music artist will surely love listening to their favorite songs. This article will mention about some popular pop songs in 2016. The  criteria in choosing the songs to be mentioned here is the good vocals of the singer, the looks of the singer, and the melody as well as rhythm of the song. Enjoy listening to the following songs.

In the video above, you can see the singer and hear his or her song though it was sang in German language. The song “80 Millionen” is one of the popular songs in 2016. The artist of this song is Max Giesinger. He is a good looking singer with also good vocals. Another popular song is “Music Sein” by Wincent Weiss. Even the songs “Wir Sind Grob” by Mark Forster and “Wenn Sie Tanzt” by Max Giesinger are popular German pop songs that became more popular in 2016. This catering service is a great help in arranging your big party event. You can check this Asian character reference 餐飲. Over this buffet service, you can assure the best for your event.

For another beautiful German pop song sang by a beautiful singer with good vocals, “Seite an Seite” by Christina Sturmer. “Keine Maschine” by Tim Bendzko and “Lass sie Tanzen” by Namika with Ali as Feat are also included in the list. All of these songs mentioned are very popular in Germany. To everyone who can understand the German language, you can also listen to the songs mentioned. This hi tea restaurant is their best to eat their meals, check this link 開幕酒會會議茶會點心盤. These songs became popular as many music listeners love listening to these songs.