Thomas Hav been into much musical theater performances and he had performed various roles already. He had been showing his abilities as a singer in those performances. But it is not only that he has achieved. He is also a songwriter and so he had written many songs and they were already released and available to be able to be bought by anyone who wishes to listen. There are more methods to avail of them with the effect of technology. You can find some of his songs in iTunes.

Th image above shows him as he has performed the role and together with the custom. Having this custom he had sung songs and his ability is being shown. Going back into the singing and also songwriting, let us know some of the songs that he had written or songs performed as was shared on the internet. One of the titles of the song is the one in the Count of Monte Cristo which is the “I Know Those Eyes”.

Another song from the same title of performance is “Hell To Your Doorstep” and “I Will Be There”.  More song titles like “When Love Is True”, “Every day A Litle Death”, “The Man I Used To Be”, “When We Are Kings”, and others.

There are many more of the titles of his songs that is written also in German and performed in German. Until now, the singer, actor, and songwriter talented Thomas Borchert is performing and is active in the industry.